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DM Terrain Pack 02

Demenzun Media
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Real-world one-meter digital-elevation-model terrains featuring Colorado USA.

All heightmap, weightmap, and splatmap source files plus a project for Unreal Engine 4 version 4.25+.

The Demenzun Media TerreSculptor UE4 Terrain 02 pack contains four 10k by 10k and 8k by 8k terrain maps plus splatmap materials.

Each terrain heightmap set is a specifically selected group of high-resolution one-meter digital-elevation-model data.

Save time and frustration from searching the digital elevation model repositories for good terrain files.

The fully textured materials includes detail, macro, distance, and world aligned texturing, and can be modified as required.

Each UE4 map contains an 8k resolution heightmap, which can be easily changed to tiles for World Composition.

Optional tiling of the landscape heightmap is left up to the end-user so that they can choose their desired tile size.

RGBAK 5-Layer Splatmaps can be created in the free TerreSculptor terrain software by Demenzun Media.

The landscape heightmap can be sculpted and changed, and the heightmap easily exported and re-splatted.

Includes the original Weightmaps with the TerreSculptor extractor parameters for easy re-splatting.

See the splatmap workflow video on the Demenzun Media YouTube channel:

• Four 10k and 8k 1-meter terrains

• Includes the source 20k x 20k terrain

• All Heightmaps, Weightmaps, and Splatmaps

• Four map UE4 Project

• 20 Materials and 50 Textures

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Four 10km by 10km Landscapes plus Unreal Engine 4.25+ project

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Real-World 1-Meter Terrains
Splatmap Materials

DM Terrain Pack 02

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