Islands Pack 2

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Islands Pack 2 - Isles

This pack contains 16 high-quality realistic terrains in island shapes.

The islands are a wide variety of complex isles that are two kilometers in size.

Each landscape is using a five-layer RGBAK Splatmap Material that provides superior terrain texturing compared to auto-materials.

The RGBAK Splatmap Material is higher resolution than the Landscape heightmap (2048 Weightmap/Splatmap versus 2017 Landscape).

Two different Splatmaps are provided with differing beach edge sharpness.

Each two kilometer landscape can be scaled up to 200% to give a four kilometer island with very little loss in visual quality.

Each map is set to dynamic lighting for smaller download size and less memory consumption during loading.

To change any map to static lighting, change the Directional Light to Stationary, and disable (uncheck) the World Settings.Lightmass.Force No Precomputed Lighting option.

Any landscape can be sculpted in Unreal Engine, exported, and re-splatted using TerreSculptor 2.0.

See this video "TerreSculptor UE4 Splatmap Landscape Workflow"

This pack also contains the original source 2048 heightmaps in RGB24 format so that different weightmaps can be created.

Note that RGB24 heightmap format is required since Unreal Engine cannot currently work with 16-bit grayscale textures.


RGBAK Splatmap Creation

RGBAK Master Materials



This pack provides realistic landscapes that can be used in your game or visualization projects.

The landscapes do not contain foliage or grass or buildings or other game or visualization assets.

There are significantly more terrain textures than what is seen in the example preview images.

This pack contains a basic ocean shader material and ocean mesh that can be used or swapped out for other content.

Asset List:

• Projects: 1
• Maps: 16
• Landscapes: 16
• Landscape Heightmaps: 32
• Landscape Master Materials: 1
• Landscape Material Instances: 16
• Landscape RGBAK Splatmaps: 32
• Landscape Textures: 68
• Landscape Weightmaps: 80
• Ocean Meshes: 1
• Ocean Master Materials: 1
• Ocean Material Instances: 1
• Ocean Textures: 6

Technical Details:

• Landscape Sizes: 2017
• Heightmap Sizes: 2017, 2048
• Splatmap Sizes: 2048
• Weightmap Sizes: 2048
• Texture Sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096
• Textures include Diffuse, Normal, Rough, Specular
• Platforms Tested: PC Windows 64-bit
• Project zip file size: 923MB

Supported Development Platforms:

• Maps: Unreal Engine 4.26 and above
• Asset Contents: any version

Usage Rights:

• Commercial, Educational, Personal.
• Licensed for media, rendering, video game, and visualization use.
• Assets cannot be repackaged for resale in other asset content packs or bundles.

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Islands Pack 2

0 ratings
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