RGBAK Master Materials

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RGBAK Master Materials

Landscape Master Materials for RGBAK Splatmap Texture systems.

Each Master Material is fully parameterized including textures, tiling, and level multiplier.
Master Material parameters are fully Grouped including Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Black, Macro, and Material.
These master materials are generic regarding what weightmap is in the splatmap RGBA channels.

Heightmaps, Weightmaps, and RGBAK Splatmaps created with TerreSculptor 2.0.
Download the free TerreSculptor 2.0 software from Demenzun Media for complete Heightmap, Weightmap, Splatmap, Normalmap creation and more.

RGBAK Splatmaps provide a fast lightweight method of multi-texturing perfect for lightweight projects.

Version1.1.0 Now includes improved Materials and Detail Master Materials.

• Projects: 1
• Maps: 2
• Landscapes: 2
• Landscape Heightmaps: 2
• Landscape RGBAK Splatmaps: 4
• Landscape Textures: 68
• Landscape Master Materials: 8
• Landscape Material Instances: 70
• Landscape Weightmaps: 10

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Contains multiple RGBAK Splatmap type Master Materials and two example maps. RGBAK Splatmaps are supported by TerreSculptor and Unreal Engine 4.

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RGBAK Master Materials

0 ratings
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